Wedding Photography at The Ashes 20th November 2018

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If you want a photographer who is going to capture the natural moments then Ed is the man.
We didn’t want lots of posing photos for our wedding, we are not really the couple to do loads of selfies and when looking at pictures of us together the ones we love are the ones where we didn’t know they were being taken.

The Ashes Wedding Venue-002The Ashes Wedding Venue-003The Ashes Wedding Venue-004After spending months looking for photographers in the region of Staffordshire I couldn’t find one that represented what we were looking for. I came across Ed on Facebook not because he was posting tonnes of stuff on Facebook groups but simply his page. The picture on his cover just summed up what I was looking for.

The Ashes Wedding Venue-005The Ashes Wedding Venue-006The Ashes Wedding Venue-007The Ashes Wedding Venue-008The Ashes Wedding Venue-009The Ashes Wedding Venue-010We contacted Ed and his pricing was very clear and there were no hidden charges. We communicated mainly electronically and then just before the wedding to discuss final details. Which was great, being busy in the week meant I could just message him any time of the day and answer would follow when he was available.

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When we met Ed had a lovely personality, we discussed details about the weddings and that we wanted to do a very small formal photo setting for the family. He did give us a pack of suggested formal line ups and took note of all the combinations we need ready for the day.
I left feeling confident that Ed knew what we wanted and would achieve that.

The Ashes Wedding Venue-015The Ashes Wedding Venue-016On the day we had rain, I know the venue planner didn’t make it easy for Ed to find alternative places to take the pictures and were a bit restrictive with helping him. Ed handled it really well and just went about setting us up somewhere we could go. When we had the formal photos it didn’t feel like a chore at all, it was actually fun.

The Ashes Wedding Venue-017The Ashes Wedding Venue-018After the wedding, we had a lot of feedback from our guests about how really nice Ed was and they had chatted to him.  Throughout the process, the communication was very clear and I always knew what I was expecting from Ed.

The Ashes Wedding Venue-019The Ashes Wedding Venue-020The Ashes Wedding Venue-021The Ashes Wedding Venue-022The Ashes Wedding Venue-023The Ashes Wedding Venue-024On the day of the wedding, Ed was fantastic, there are times I didn’t even notice him there, he was so stealth like! You saw why when we got the pictures back, they were wonderful.

The Ashes Wedding Venue-025The Ashes Wedding Venue-026The Ashes Wedding Venue-027The Ashes Wedding Venue-028The Ashes Wedding Venue-029The Ashes Wedding Venue-030The Ashes Wedding Venue-031When we got the pictures back I loved them. There were some absolutely gorgeous natural pictures of my husband and I.  I look at them today and it makes me want to do the whole day again, they are well captured.  I would highly recommend Ed.

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